The North Texas Giving Day Difference

Nonprofits are established with the goal of supporting a social cause or program, with a focus on making a positive impact on our communities. While the focus of so many of these organizations is on health, education, social services, etc., BBC’s goal is to support nonprofits.
Our goal is to BE THE DIFFERENCE by providing funds that support and further the impact of nonprofits in our communities and neighborhoods. With diverse funding sources, and working together, we’re able to do more and make more of a difference. Not only do we mobilize our collective efforts and inspire others, but we have more of an impact.

What is North Texas Giving Day? 

North Texas Giving Day takes place in September each year, this year on September 23rd. It’s really about putting the idea of “giving” to work in a way that benefits important causes in a more substantial way. It is a way to encourage and acknowledge the incredible generosity of so many people. That money is used as seed money, which is then distributed to worthy causes in our neighborhoods and local communities.
We’ve partnered with North Texas Giving Day because we already know how to be impactful with our influence and our support. We want to take it a huge leap forward, through our collective efforts. Now, we’re excited to join with other organizations in our new sponsorship effort with the goal of raising even more money for the worthy causes we all care so much about.

How Do We Bring Together Nonprofits to Do Awesome Things for Our Communities?  

BBC brings nonprofits together to make it easier to raise money and support one another toward our common goals. As a collective of shared voices and important causes, we’re able to focus our collective passion on shared causes while focusing in those directions that need it the most.
Together, we know we can thrive and make an even greater impact on the world, with a local focus on neighborhoods and communities that are near and dear to our hearts. We love being able to amplify our collective impact!

Next Step: Connect with BBC to Get Involved Today!  

If you’re a nonprofit, looking for support, the North Texas Giving Day may be your opportunity to connect with us and learn more about how our membership program works. We’re dedicated to supporting your continuing efforts in the community by facilitating the social impact measures we all believe in.
We also make it easy for you to participate in member benefits that will save you time and money every day! We help you elevate your lifestyle, with guaranteed low prices you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to be a part of the difference!