Establishing A Tradition of Giving

It’s never too early (or too late) to encourage your family toward a philanthropic mindset. Even the smallest gift can make a massive difference in other people’s lives, and we’re not necessarily talking about money. The gift of time or gently-used goods can show children of all ages how crucial it is to feel empathy, […]

Keeping Up With The Latest Nonprofit Trends

The last few years have brought huge changes to the nonprofit industry. Now that we are post-pandemic, it almost feels like anything is possible, and these new trends are proof that the nonprofit sector is definitely evolving with the post-pandemic era. If you are the owner of a nonprofit organization and want to know which […]

How Nonprofit Support Has Changed Post-Pandemic

COVID-19 required nonprofit organizations to re-imagine everything –from their website landing pages to their constituent memberships; the organizations that were able to prioritize communication at the start of the pandemic stayed relevant by dipping into more diverse and innovative markets. As a result, they found success identifying and tailoring programs to the needs expressed by […]

Retaining Staff and Employment Retention Strategies

Hiring new people who will stay with your organization long-term can be challenging. With the constant influx of messages job seekers receive from recruiters, new hires are increasingly making quick moves –sometimes just a few months into a job. How do we keep our new hires engaged in their job and inspire them to stay […]

Four Ways To Attract and Retain Donors

Donors are the backbone of nonprofits. Without their generous and consistent support, organizations would not be able to thrive and accomplish their intended missions.  There are countless ways to attract donors who are looking for meaningful missions to support; the goal is to get them to stay long-term. Did you know that, on average, nonprofits […]

How Brand Reputation Can Make Or Break An Organization

What comes to mind when you hear Coca-Cola®? What about Amazon?  McDonald’s? When we refer to brand reputation, we are talking about the associations made with your brand specifically. Having a good reputation as a brand means that your people trust you; they feel a connection with the personality of your brand and have confidence […]

Creating A Mission and Vision Statement That Resonates

When you start a nonprofit organization, one of the first things you should do is write your Mission and Vision Statement. Although the Mission and Vision Statements are usually written by the CEO, a good vision can come about through collaboration with team members. Writing a Mission and Vision Statement sounds easy, but there is […]

A Chance to Refresh And Renew

Over the last couple of years, especially since Covid, we have seen a lot of companies take a step back and revisit their mission and structure. Choosing the right name for your organization is not an easy task, but it can determine the success of your organization. Better Benefits Consultants has officially been renamed to […]