The last few years have brought huge changes to the nonprofit industry. Now that we are post-pandemic, it almost feels like anything is possible, and these new trends are proof that the nonprofit sector is definitely evolving with the post-pandemic era. If you are the owner of a nonprofit organization and want to know which trends to incorporate into your business this year keep reading.


These are the 4 nonprofit trends that should be taken!
  • Digital wallets

If you haven’t already gone somewhat digital, this is the year to do it. You may have noticed that more and more stores are no longer accepting cash and only accepting payment by card or through apps like Google Pay. If your nonprofit does not yet accept donations via Apple Pay, Paypal, and Google Pay, you need to start. There has been a 20% decline in check donations in the past 5 years and a rise of 10% in credit card donations. So incorporating digital payment methods into your transaction model if you haven’t done so already. 


  • Collaboration With Influencers

Social media is one of the most effective ways to reach potential donors. When you partner up with an influencer who has a personal connection to your cause, the impact on your donations can be staggering. Assign one of your team members to reach out to influencers who you think would be a good fit for your cause. You will find that more and more nonprofits will start partnering with social media accounts of all sizes this year to get the word out about their company. 


  • In-Person Events

You might notice a renaissance of in-person events now that the pandemic is over, and this is not a coincidence! Many donors are tired of Zoom calls and would appreciate an in-person meeting or event to get more information about your company and find out how they can help. There’s something unique and memorable about meeting in person that you just don’t get with video or phone calls. Consider hosting an event for your donors or to attract potential donors and see what a difference it makes in your donations! 


  • Protecting the Privacy of Your Donors 

You will find that many nonprofits this year will be giving their donors options as to how their information is shared and what kind of contact and information they will be receiving from you, the nonprofit. With other big companies like Apple updating their privacy terms, it’s becoming important for nonprofits to do the same and not only put the proper protection in place but let donors know what their information is being used for. 


If you want to stay relevant as a nonprofit, it’s imperative to stay on top of the recent nonprofit trends. Some were expected and some were a little surprising. We would say that these nonprofit trends are definitely worth incorporating into your business plan moving forward.

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