What comes to mind when you hear Coca-Cola®? What about Amazon?  McDonald’s? When we refer to brand reputation, we are talking about the associations made with your brand specifically. Having a good reputation as a brand means that your people trust you; they feel a connection with the personality of your brand and have confidence in what is being offered. 

Before the days of social media, organizations had more control over their brand’s reputation. With the popularity of apps like Twitter and Facebook, an organization’s brand reputation has become much more delicate. All it takes is a negative tweet, and your organization’s reputation could be tarnished. 

So why is brand reputation so important to Nonprofits, and what are the benefits of maintaining a positive reputation? 

  1. It establishes trust 

People tend to gravitate toward brands that their friends and colleagues speak highly of. Brand reputation is one of the most powerful ways to grow your base. 

  1. Your Nonprofit will grow 

A great side effect of having a pristine brand reputation is the opportunity to expand your organization. 

  1. The likelihood of retention is greater

Brand reputation has an impact on every aspect of your organization, including the satisfaction level of your staff. When an organization is well-loved by the public, the people associated tend to have a higher sense of pride and excitement about their work and contributions. They know that what they’re doing has a positive impact, and that is valuable. 

When you focus on your brand’s reputation, you will find that your Nonprofit improves on multiple levels. At EMN, our mission is to help organizations achieve their missions. We would be honored to help with yours.