It’s no secret that COVID-19 affected nearly every aspect of life organizations around the world – as well as our everyday lives as a whole. In all industries, everyone was forced to rethink the way they do things and adjust to major change at the drop of a hat. Small businesses had to move their stores online, much of the restaurant industry closed down, and corporations had no choice but to let go of some of their best employees. Non-profit organizations were no exception to the unprecedented year that was 2020. Foundations that put their heart into giving back to their communities had to overcome adversities and unexpected challenges. Fortunately, many of them are coming out on the other side stronger than ever. 


If you’re a non-profit foundation, part of a corporate organization looking to give back, or an individual wanting to help and get involved in your community, keep reading below. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about how COVID-19 affected non-profits, how they’ve been able to come out of it this year, and how you can help! 


Impact and Concerns of COVID-19

Despite having to face major hardships, most non-profit leaders maintained a positive attitude throughout the pandemic, according to the Nonprofit Leadership Center. This was necessary to overcome every step of the way throughout the year. One of the biggest struggles that non-profits reported throughout the pandemic was securing the funds needed to continue their efforts, as many donors began withholding their usual donations. In addition, there were concerns about having enough staff, as well as the need for tools and supplies. However, this didn’t stop most organizations from continuing to provide their services and provide support to their communities. 


Rebuilding and Resilience 

While the pandemic brought many challenges to the forefront of non-profit foundations, they have been able to rebuild and stay resilient against all odds. Throughout 2020, non-profit leaders learned to grow in new ways as they adjusted to the circumstances. In fact, leaders cited making greater efforts to connect personally with donors, create strategic collaborations, and improve their overall operations and services. Since then, they’ve created new ways to generate revenue that contributes to the soul purpose and mission of their organization. 


How You Can Help

There are so many beneficial ways to give back to non-profit organizations! Of course, monetary donations are always helpful. And yes, even the smallest of donations make a big difference. One of the best ways to give back to your community is by donating your time in the form of volunteering at local events. Not only is volunteering great for the foundation you’re supporting, but it will also make you feel great to get involved. 


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