What is North Texas Giving Day?

The North Texas Giving Day Difference Nonprofits are established with the goal of supporting a social cause or program, with a focus on making a positive impact on our communities. While the focus of so many of these organizations is on health, education, social services, etc., BBC’s goal is to support nonprofits. Our goal is […]

The Impact Of COVID On Nonprofits

It’s no secret that COVID-19 affected nearly every aspect of life organizations around the world – as well as our everyday lives as a whole. In all industries, everyone was forced to rethink the way they do things and adjust to major change at the drop of a hat. Small businesses had to move their […]

A Single Donation Can Make a Lasting Impact

How a Single Donation Can Make a Lasting Impact   There are countless non-profit organizations across the country, each one of them trying to make a meaningful difference in their communities. However, this always comes with the daunting challenge of fundraising the means needed to do just that. And that is where donations and volunteering […]