How a Single Donation Can Make a Lasting Impact


There are countless non-profit organizations across the country, each one of them trying to make a meaningful difference in their communities. However, this always comes with the daunting challenge of fundraising the means needed to do just that. And that is where donations and volunteering come in. Contrary to what you may believe, every penny really does count when it comes to making an impact on others’ lives. 


At Better Benefits Consultants, we work with a wide variety of non-profit foundations and have seen first-hand how a small contribution, whether that be a single dollar or an hour of your time, can add up and create change for those who are directly affected by the organization’s efforts. Don’t believe us? Below, we’re sharing three ways that making a single donation can make a long-lasting impact.


Opportunities for Growth

Not only does a single donation help a non-profit reach its fundraising goals, but it also helps them work steadily towards its greatest mission. By making a small donation and encouraging those around you to do the same, non-profits are presented with more opportunities for long-term growth. How? Because you’re helping them attract other first-time donors who are in your community or social circle. From there, the cycle grows outward and the influx of small donations adds up. 


Diversifies Fundraising Strategy

While large donors are wonderful and their contributions are necessary and important to the success of many non-profits around the world, bringing in small donation amounts helps diversify a foundation’s fundraising strategy. What does that mean, exactly? When non-profits only have one stream of income, they become reliant on it. This can be damaging if for some reason they lose donors or significant contributions down the road. Therefore, with multiple sources for revenue, they can continue building up their fundraising efforts in different ways – bringing them a sense of security down the line when there are bumps in the road. 


Make a Direct Impact

Much of the time, large-scale donations or monthly contributions will go to a non-profit’s daily operations, tools, and salaries they need to operate on a regular basis. With micro-donations, you will generally get a better sense of exactly where your contribution is going. Knowing who and how your small donation is actually impacting can give you a sense of comfort in how you’re spending your money. This transparency also helps organizations attract a greater number of donors, whether big or small. 


The bottom line is, your contributions to the community, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem to you, can make a massive difference in the life of someone else. The spare change in your pocket truly does have more power than you think. To learn more about how Better Benefits Consultants supports non-profits, contact us today. If you’re a non-profit looking for funding, fill out an application today and we will do what we can to help.