NTGD not as good as you thought? It’s time to fundraise! Here’s how:

North Texas Giving Day has now come and gone and there are tons of nonprofits that did very well.  There were over $66 million dollars raised for over 3,300 local nonprofits. WOW! But what happens if you did not get the amount of money you thought you would from North Texas Giving Day? Now what? Maybe you are thinking about payroll or the day-to-day operational expenses. Well, my friend, it’s time to fundraise! Let’s go through some of the ways that you can accomplish this.

For non-profits, individual fundraising or company and corporation fundraising are the two major ways to raise money. According to Charity Navigator, two-thirds of donations to nonprofits are done by individual fundraising. There are quite a few ways that you can implement individual fundraising strategies.  Hubspot walks us through some of these multi-channel fundraising tactics:

  1. Direct Mail Donations – write a great fundraising letter and get it out to your donors.
  2. Online Donations – donors are most likely going to visit your website at some point, give them a way to donate.
  3. Social Media Donations – have you thought about creating a program with your donors to have them run a fundraising campaign on their Facebook page for their birthday?
  4. Mobile Donations – Non Profits Source spouts that almost 50% of donations come from a text link or apps in 2018.  Some great apps to get involved with are Charity Miles, Feedies, and Walk for a Dog.
  5. Individual Event Donations – have your donors throw an event, have a dinner, have a bake sale, maybe a carnival….. and part of the proceeds go to your non-profit.

Now, what about for Company or Corporate Fundraising?  How do you tap into these streams of funds? Hubspot continues to help us with this:

  1. Matching Gifting – tools like Double the Donation can help with this.
  2. Volunteer and Corporate Grants – need some man power? Get a corporation to have an employee outing.
  3. In-Kind Donations – can your non-profit use professional services? Tap into your donor network to see who can help.
  4. Commercial Co-Venture Donations – create a relationship with a local business and have them give part of their sales to your organization.
  5. Walks and Runs – who doesn’t like an early morning run?
  6. Corporate Cookbook – a win win all the way around!
  7. Employee Events – raise money for a good cause with an entry fee to fun employee events.

Now that you have the ideas, it is time to start working on your planning and implementation.  Stay tuned to future posts where we can help with get organized and start actually tackling some of these ideas.

And remember, if you are non profit that is needing funding, we are here to help. Here at BBC, we take the stress off your day to day operational monetary needs and take care of them. Get in touch with us to see how. We look forward to chatting with you!