Sustainability Programs for Non-Profits

Sustainability programs are popping up everywhere. Corporations, universities, and even communities are creating sustainability programs to reduce their environmental impact.

This has led more people to become interested in the topic of sustainability. If you’re a non-profit organization that wants people who care about sustainable practices, then you should create your sustainability program too! This will help spread awareness of your cause among potential supporters. What does all of this mean? What should be included in a program? How can you get started? These questions and more are answered below!

What is a Sustainability Program?

A sustainability program is about your organization’s impact on society, the environment, and the economy and how you are going to grow your mission. When you create and implement a sustainable program, you can positively contribute to your non-profit’s overall value. More than that, you are putting in place a plan where you do not have to worry about what the future might hold. Many times, this means cutting back on waste and being environmentally friendly. The idea behind creating a program is that it will not only benefit the environment but also save your organization money!

It can be hard to come up with ideas for your sustainability program. Luckily, there are tons of resources available! Your state or local government may have an environmental website where you can find ideas for your program. Another resource is Green America, which provides several different examples of successful sustainability programs.

Why Does a Sustainability Program Matter?

Sustainability programs are becoming more and more popular. Corporations and universities are participating to improve their reputation and show their support for the environment, likewise, they are looking to donate to non-profits who are following suit. It shows potential donors that you care about your community and the world around you.

Here are some examples of sustainability programs:

  • Green Events – Plan your events to be environmentally friendly! This may include renting reusable goods, buying organic food, and offsetting carbon emissions.
  • Workplace Sustainability – Encourage employees to reduce their impact by offering incentives like reusable water bottles or making the office recycling program simpler.
  • Eco Volunteering Events – Help your volunteers learn about environmental issues while having fun!
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Companies are always striving to make a positive impact on their community. Sometimes this is done by creating volunteer events or donating money to local causes.

How Can You Use a Sustainability Program to Attract Donors?

Similar to implementing a new system or procedure, writing up a sustainability program and making this known to potential donors is another way of demonstrating your commitment to environmental issues.

Having a good sustainability program in place is a great way to not only show supporters how much you care about the environment but also empower them with steps that they can take to help.

The more actions potential donors take to reduce their environmental impact, the more likely they are to donate! If people see your nonprofit’s dedication towards making positive changes in the world, this makes them more likely to donate as well.

Create Your Sustainability Program Today!

Running a non-profit can be difficult. Having a sustainability program in place is one way of attracting donors. These programs also help spread awareness about your cause and empower potential supporters with ways to make positive changes themselves.

Contact us today for us to help you with your programs.