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When it comes to funding your nonprofit foundation, a great grant proposal can go a long way. A grant proposal is a clear, direct document written to a particular organization or funding agency with the goal of persuading the reviewers to provide your cause with financial support. Writing a grant proposal takes time and effort, but there are tips for successful grant proposals that will make the process easier. Plus, the reward for dedicating the attention needed will be worth it in the end. 


With the proper funding for your nonprofit, you’ll be able to put the focus on your organization’s mission rather than the tireless task of fundraising. If you want to make your grant proposal stand out, keep reading below for our top five tips for a successful grant proposal. 


  1. Do Your Research 

Of course, the first step to any grant proposal is to do your research about the organization or funding agency you’re sending it to. We get it, researching isn’t the most exciting job, but it’s necessary for a successful proposal. Conducting targeted research can help you find funders who’s values align with your nonprofit and who will more likely support your work. This, in turn, means everyone wins in the end.


  1. Showcase Your Credibility

Why should you or your organization be the one to receive this grant? Convince the funders you have the credibility and experience to make a difference in your community using their money. To do this, provide a clear demonstration of your nonprofit leaders’ experience and skills. The grant proposal should showcase the needs in your community, as well as the solutions you will provide. Funders want to feel confident that your organization will use their funds responsibly and for the greatest good. 


  1. Tell a Strong Narrative 

People are simply more willing to help when they feel a tug on their heartstrings. So make sure to explain your organization’s purpose and impact. Tell the story behind why your organization started in the first place, what it’s done so far, and what incredible things it can do in the future as long as it has the proper funding to support its goals. Use this narrative throughout the entirety of your grant proposal, including the section outlining your budget. It’s important to share how the funds provided will become an essential part of your foundation’s story.


  1. Present Logical Solutions

Realistically, how is your organization going to make a lasting change in your community? Tell the reviewer upfront in your grant proposal exactly what you are going to do, how you’re planning on executing it, and who it’s going to benefit. Again, funders want to trust that their contribution is going to good use. 


  1. Build Real Relationships

When writing a proposal, it’s easy to forget that there is another human on the other side of it. These are real people reading your proposal and giving back to your organization, so don’t be afraid to reach out and connect on a deeper level. Make a phone call or schedule a time to meet in-person. This shows your dedication to building a lasting, meaningful relationship with the funder, versus only proposing your ideas to them via email. 


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