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TechRover Solutions is a certified Economically Disadvantaged, Woman-Owned Small Business that has been delivering solutions in the Data Science and IT space for over 5 years. We provide leading edge design, development, programming and marketing in the areas of Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Mobile Applications and Web Development. We are adept at cutting through technical ambiguity with execution excellence to find comprehensive, advanced solutions at a competitive price.

Our expertise is across a range of services, which are integrated with best practices in Agile and Design thinking to build future ready software products and platforms for global clients.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) links objects to the internet, enabling data and insights never available before. TechRover Solutions’ intelligent network infrastructure can enhance operations, expand profitable information knowledge and increase security. Specific IoT offerings include:

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The ideal characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal. TechRover has demonstrated expertise in developing comprehensive intelligent systems to efficiently solve complex Big Data problems.

IoT Consulting Services – IoT Implementation Services – IoT Managed Services – Hardware Chip Programming – Firmware Programing

  • Wireless connectivity solutions ( LET, BT, BLE, WIFI)
  • IOT mobile application with
  • Administrative web portal
  • Data architecture

Cloud Computing

TechRover helps clients drive digital transformation by enabling them to combine digital and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage. Despite businesses being blasted with abundance of data in this digital era, most of the organizations do not make use of the opportunities that lie in analyzing it. Insights can be derived from Big Data by deploying computing algorithms on your devices or back end platforms to compute, and reveal different patterns, and new trends. Using this information will create better strategies, improve processes, reduce costs and create new opportunities. Our capabilities in this area span a range of platforms and services, including:

Mobile Applications

Mobile technology has made it possible to for enterprises to establish deeper and more constant connections to their distributed operations as they move beyond the desktop to meet their business and employee needs. TechRover provides comprehensive, multi-platform mobile application development services, from problem analysis through design, development and ultimately the integration into your existing enterprise environment. We also provide optimization and scaling of the applications to meet whatever ongoing evolution may occur. Our mobile portfolio includes:

Web Development

Websites are a standard nowadays, hence User Interface and User Experience is important for every business’ long-term success in this competitive environment. Smart organizations invest in UI/UX to gain and retain more customers and increase revenues. With TechRover’s expertise, clients can enhance their brand, retain more customers and realize increased profits with a well-developed and maintained web presence. Among the services we offer.