Pixie Pop Popcorn

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Whether it is a corporate meeting, event, birthday, or luncheon, add some POP with Pixie Pop’s delicious flavored popcorn and personalized popcorn bags! This is a great way to get everything going and not a lot to clean up! Plus, it is guaranteed to keep everyone smiling. We offer the following services and would love to service you today! WE have a POP for everything

Corporate Events & Promo pops

When it comes to client gifts or events, Pixie Pop is an excellent way to promote your brand! It brings awareness and leaves a lasting impression! Let Pixie Pop promote your business/event/product, in a delicious and memorable way with customized popcorn bags.

Wine tastings

Popcorn and wine – ABSOLUTELY! Pixie Pop can feature special flavors that will perfectly complement vino and bubbly. It is definitely a must-try if you have never done so!


Who does not like popcorn during the holidays? Every holiday is special and Pixie Pop features yearly holiday flavors! Whatever holiday you celebrate, we have a POP for it! We would be honored to make your holiday gifts and events as special as the day itself!


Do you need some school spirit?! Do you want to add a little flare and keep everyone hyped up in the best way? Do you have a goal you are trying to reach? Pixie Pop is honored to help schools succeed! Our tasty flavors and fun school colors will make your fundraiser a popping success!


Snacks and sports are natural BFFs. From tailgate get-togethers to Superbowl bashes, Pixie Pop offers flavors and colors that will make your sporting event a winner! It is also a fun way to bring your team’s spirit to any rival party.

Gift baskets

Do you have a wedding, networking event, baby shower, or just want to be a blessing? Pixie Pop has a customized basket for you! Not only is it designed and beautifully packaged, Pixie Pop baskets also make a wonderful and lasting impression.  DFW Delivery/Domestic shipping available.