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Are you in the B2B marketplace and invoice your customers (other businesses) on terms of net 30, 60 or more? If so, Benchmark Factors may be able to help. We have helped hundreds of B2B companies be successful at maintaining and growing their business. Your unpaid invoices represent one of your most valuable business assets however until they’re paid, they don’t contribute to your needed cash flow. Even with large projects, you can’t continue to grow without good cash flow.

How does it work? 3 simple steps:

1. Once you contact us, we undertake a due diligence process that typically takes just a few days. When completed, you are at liberty to sell us one or more invoices for immediate cash.

2. Upon receipt of your invoices we verify with your customer (which is also another business, not a consumer) that the service or product represented by the invoice is acceptable and scheduled for payment.

3. When your customer pays the invoice (generally 30-60 days) they simply make the payment directly to Benchmark. As easy as that, the transaction is complete.

We are family owned and operated with decades of commercial finance experience.  Allow us to earn your trust and business by providing you with the cash needed to make payroll, purchase equipment, and bid on larger more profitable jobs.