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Founders Dr. Bharat Sangani and Dr. Dalsukh Madia have joined forces in creating a very unique and impactful business! Our mission is to create a social impact on nonprofit organizations by providing the funds needed, to keep the focus on the mission and help lead it into the direction it was created for. Our goal is to give back to communities, be the difference we want to see, and offer incredible benefits to members while doing so!

We’ve all heard the saying “membership has its privileges”. Enhanced Mission Network is dedicated to making that saying a reality. We work with our partner associations to create a program of benefits that save money for members, offer enhanced products, and create a unique value of membership. For our partner associations, there is no cost to your organization to provide these benefits, and you gain the advantage of setting your association apart from others, attracting new members and increasing retention. By offering access to discounted and enhanced products and services that are used in everyday life, members will constantly be reminded of the value in being a member of your organization.

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To help nonprofit organizations focus on their Mission.

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To give back to the community by creating a social impact and by being the difference we want to see.

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We offer services and products for the personal household and for your business. These services and products offered through EMN will elevate your livelihood and whichever you are needing, we guarantee that you will not find it anywhere else at the discounted pricing we offer.


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